Hailing from the deep sticks of the northeastern United States this man, neigh … this BEAST…. crawled from the depths of creative abyss that is Connecticut to arise in the land of the silver screens.  Ready to spew forth, melting the eyes of the innocent …  and by beast I mean I am an artist who likes to make stories and by spew forth I mean fun stuff to look at.

Seriously though, I am a director, story artist and character designer for animation.  I am currently working on Guardians of the Galaxy the Animated series but I have and do work for a variety of productions located throughout the world with companies such as Disney, Marvel Animation Studios, Warner Brothers Studios, Bentobox Animation, Riot Games, Film Roman, Wildbrain, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Darkhorse Comics, TopCow, Topps, Oni Press, and many others..

You can find me on social media: